Community News

City of Altamont Flag Day
Medallion Hunt 2022
Sponsored by Gold Star Auto and Wave Wireless

The Medallion has been found on the Southeast side of the Park building
next to the water fountain by the Couch Family.
Medallion's hidden, here we go;
Look around; enjoy the show.
Take your time, no need to run.
Get together; have some fun!
Where to look in this fair City?
I won't tell you; what a pity.
Search North of Fourth, I'll be so bold,
To say you would be getting cold.

Council Work Session

The City of Altamont Governing Body will hold a work session on Thursday, June 9th at 6:00 PM prior to the Council meeting in the City Council room to discuss McMillen Park.

Flag Day 2022 FlyerVBS
Swim Lessons Sign 2022

Exercise: Tuesday & Thursday  at 9:00 AM
Book Club: 2nd Tuesday at 9:45 AM (Contact Linda Holtzman for details)
Monthly Board Meetings: 1st Monday at 1:00 PM