Licenses and Permits

Building Permit Download
No building, fence, structure whether permanent or temporary shall be
tructed without first having an APPROVED Building Permit. 
Building Permit Applications will not be valid until purchased and signed by the Building Official.

House Numbers Required:  All houses must have house numbers posted so they are visible from the street, minimum 2”.

Moving Permit Download
Any person moving a house or structure in the City of Altamont should submit a Moving Permit. 

Moving Permits shall be submitted in conjunction with the City of Altamont Building Permit. 
Moving Permit application will not be valid until purchased and signed by the Building Official. 

Park Building Rental Download
To reserve a day at the City of Altamont Park Building, please contact City Hall.
Any alcohol use on the premises must be approved by City Council.
Please submit applications at least 30 days in advance of the date of your reservation. 

Dog Licenses
Animal Ordinance 625
Annual Licenses Fees are $1.00 for each animal. The license tax shall become due on January 1st, and must be paid by May 10th of each year. To obtain a permit please contact the City Hall. 

City Ordinance requires dogs to be licensed. Dog owners should get a license within 30 days of:
Acquiring a dog that is over six months old
The dog turning six months old
Moving into the City with the dog
The expiration of a pet license

Cereal Malt Beverage and Alcohol Occupational Tax
A permit is required for clubs and liquor stores. This license is required for both retail sellers and businesses/restaurants wishing to serve alcohol. For more information on registering with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department of the Kansas Department of Revenue. For special event permits please contact the City Hall. 
Kansas Liquor License Application and Instructions

Solicitor's License Permit Download
All Door-to-Door Salesman in Altamont is required to have a solicitor license. 

If you get a Door-to-Door Salesman at your house, ask to see their Solicitor’s License.

Burn Permit Download
The City of Altamont requires a burn permit to burn for anyone burning sticks, limbs, leaves, yard clippings, and yard waste. 
Exceptions include:

  • Monitored burning in barbeque grills, smokers, chimeneas, fire rings, and campfires.
  • Ceremonial bonfires (i.e. school, church, 4-H or other organized events) will be allowed with preauthorization and written permission from the Fire Chief; Each request must list the time frame of burning.
  • Training for City firefighters.
  • Fire on lands for agricultural operations related to crop management
For the full Burn Policy click here.