Stop by City Office  – 407 S Huston
Monday – Friday 8am-5pm to set up utilities.

Application of Service Card:  to be filled out prior to service connect.

Meter Deposit:  $300.00 – $120 gas, $120 electric & $60 water OR

Options:  Letter of Credit:  from gas or electric company stating you have not had any late payments in the past 12 months.  OR

Letter of Responsibility:  A resident that has no late payments for the last 12 months that also has electric or gas with the City of Altamont signing a statement that they will pay any and all utility bills left unpaid.

Service connect fees:  Paid prior to service connect and non-refundable: $10 Gas, $10 Electric, $10 Water

Cable & Internet:  Wave Wireless 620-423-9283 or
Century Link 1-800-788-3500- or
Direct TV 1-877-798-6070

Phone installation:  Call Century Link 1-800-788-3500.

ATV & Golf Carts Permit:  Annual renewal by Jan 1st with Police – $10.  Call 784-5582 for appt.

Leash Law on Cats & Dogs:  Must have City Tag, $1 and show proof of Rabies Vaccination.  If reported not in pen or on lease, minimum fine is $25. Renew annually by April 1st.  No Pit Bulls allowed in town.

Trash Pick-up:  Tuesday mornings – Must be bagged, put in a polycart and set by street $17/month polycart is provided by City. If you request 2 polycarts – $19/month or 3 polycarts $21/month. Bulk pickup twice a year.

Voter Registration Cards:  Available at City Office. Voting done at the First Baptist Church 4th & Wabash

Mail:  Set up mail delivery at the Post Office for Postal Box
or Home Delivery. 620-784-5831
Open M-F: 9am-12:15pm, 2pm-4:15pm, Saturdays: 9:30-10:30am.  Mail picked up at 3:20pm.

Building Permits:  $10 fee for values under $1000.  $25 fee for values over $1000.
Building Permit application available at the City Office for fences, dog pens, carports, structures, sidewalks or anything beyond existing.
You must call 1-800-DIG-SAFE & obtain confirmation number.

Utility Bills:  They are mailed out the 1st working day of the month.  Due by the 15th of the month by 5 p.m. at City Office or deposited in the dropbox before 8:00 a.m. the following working day.
The utilities will be disconnected the 21st of month if not paid.

Storm Shelter:  Haury Hall – Tan Building on LCHS Campus NE entrance. (Karner Ave & 6 Street)

Burn Policy:  No Leaves – Burn Site available for brush ONLY.  Check key out at City Office.

New House Meter Setting Fees:  $300 Gas, $300 Electric, $300 Water, $300 Sewer Tap

Damage Prevention Program:  Law states to call 1-800-DIG-SAFE when you are going to dig on your property.

House Numbers Required:  All houses must have house numbers posted so they are visible from street, minimum 2”.

City Office 407 S Huston, PO Box 305, Altamont, KS  67330
620-784-5612 Fax: 620-784-5882

Utility Shop: 620-784-5422
Altamont Police: 620-784-5582

City Website:
Check out our town news! Updated daily.

Facebook:  Altamont Recreation Commission