Volunteer Fire Dept.
Keith Shaffer, Fire Chief
Cole Clemens, Asst Fire Chief

Contact the City Office at 620-784-5612,
if you are interested in joining the fire department.




Per Kansas Statute #8-1571,
the Fire Department
would like to remind everyone there is to be
NO PARKING with 15 feet of a fire hydrant.  

Many vehicles have been parking too close to the hydrants.
If you see spray painted markings in and near the hydrants,
that mark is the legal measurement that vehicles
are not allowed to park in.
With many new hydrants in our area,
some people may have to change their parking habits.

At the time of a fire and when a fire hydrant is needed,
is not the time to find your vehicle parked too close to a fire hydrant.
Also, please keep shrubs, trees and other yard ornaments
clear of the hydrants.

The Fire Department appreciates your cooperation.



The Fire Department is asking any resident who may be demolishing
a house or structure to contact the City Office 620-784-5612.
We are needing structures for non-flammable training
& would like to use any available if the owner agrees.