Gold Star Auto & Wave Wireless
Flag Day $500 Medallion Hunt

The Medallion has been found!

Medallion Hunt
Clue #1

Today you get clue number one.
We hope you have lots of fun.
Search high & low & all around.
But please do not tear up our town.
Again, this year we did something new.
Receiving five hundred dollars
would be really cool!

 Clue #2

Giving out clue number two
means there is more work to do.
Our goal is for you to enjoy our town.
Have fun with family and friends
looking around.
On property of city or school it will be.
Now run fast if you want to find me!
Which direction should you go?
We will tell you that later on.
Now go and find me before I am gone!

Clue # 3

I’ve not been found yet, Oh what a pity!

Guess I should tell you today’s clue means city.

If you do not feel safe while looking for me,
Then leave, that is not where I will be.

No moaning & groaning, they are not allowed
Find me today and you will be proud!

Clue #4

There is only one medallion hid each flag day.
So, listen closely to what I say:
Remember we said you would be safe this year.
Stay off of fourth it is too busy here.
From the tower I am south and from the school I am west.
Now you figure out what is best!


1.  The Medallion is hidden on Public Land owned by the City of Altamont Kansas, in or out of the city limits, or land owned by USD 506 in the city limits.  Searchers must not trespass on private property, in any way deface property or violate any laws.

2.  There will be NO NEED for any climbing, digging, or disassembling of any object to find the Medallion.  The Medallion is “not inside” any locked building.  Though no digging is required, some light uncovering of thin material may be needed to expose the Medallion.  The City of Altamont Chief of Police, Gold Star Auto, and Wave Wireless reserve the right to discontinue the hunt at any time if public or private property is destroyed.


4.  Anyone is eligible to join the hunt for the Medallion, except employees and family members of Gold Star Auto and Wave Wireless.

5.  The first clue will be given Monday prior to the Flag Day Celebration at 9:00 a.m.  Subsequent clues will be given each day at that time, with a total of six.  Clues will be posted at 9:00 a.m. daily at Gold Star Auto, Wave Wireless, City of Altamont, Altamont Cable Channel 3, Altamont Recreation Commission and Wave Wireless Facebook page, and

6.  The finder shall, as soon as possible, report to Jack Leake (620-820-3941.)  Upon verification, the finder will receive a check for $500.  The winners name will be announced at Flag Day.

7.  If the Medallion is not found and turned in by 5:00 p.m. Saturday, the hunt will be terminated.

8.  The City of Altamont, Flag Day Committee, Gold Star Auto, and Wave Wireless, assume no responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained by participants.  We urge participants to use reasonable safety precautions, and use good judgment and sportsmanship.